We offer ‘secondary packaging supplies’. Products in our range include: packaging tape, printed tapes, stretch and pallet wrap, plastic strapping, plastic bags, bubble wrap, refuge sacks, gripper bags, window protection film, lay flat tube, strapping tools, cardboard edge guards, pallet sheets etc.

  • Tapes

    ATLAS for Industry, hold stock of Buff Clear packaging tape in both vinyl polypropylene. Normal size is 48mm x 66mts with 36 rolls per box.

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  • Bubble

    Bubble wrap is sold as complete packs containing either one or two rolls per pack, depending on size.ATLAS carries a range of both small and large bubble products, available as:1500mm wide small bubble: 1 roll per pack, 100m length1500mm wide large bubble: 1 roll per pack, 50m length1200mm wide small bubble: 1 roll per pack, 100m length1200mm wide large bubble: 1 roll per pack, 50m length750mm wide small bubble: 2 rolls per pack, 100m length (each)750mm wide large bubble: 2 rolls per pack,

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  • Document Pouches
    Document Pouches

    Document pouches are perfect for the safe and visible transport of your paperwork such as delivery notes. They are available plain or printed and in a range of sizes. A7 A4

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  • Lay Flat Tubing
    Lay Flat Tubing

    Lay Flat Tubing is polythene tube on a roll, a bit like a very long plastic bag but without any bottom seal to it. You can close layflat by all the same methods as any polythene bag. Most people tape the ends, some use a stapler or possibly heat-seal the ends. You can even tighten cable ties around the ends.Stock sizes are 4 / 6 / 8 / 12. Other sizes are available on request.ATLAS keep these sizes in 250mic. 500mic.

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  • Pallet Covers
    Pallet Covers

    Convenient pre-cut covers to fit popular pallet sizes. These are slipped over the top of the load to provide protection against dirt, dust and moisture.BenefitsWeather Dust Protection: Protect your pallets against the elements, ideal if they spend a short amount of time outside.Easy Identification: Transparent film enables quick, easy identification of the pallet contents.Quick: Used in conjunction with a shrink gun, pallet covers can be shrunk down in under 2 minutes.Pallet hoodsPallet hoods d

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  • Strapping

    Strapping is the process used to bundle, combine or fasten an item or many items together using a flat flexible band made from steel or various plastics. This process is also referred to as bundling or banding and is commonly used in box sealing application. The ends are joined once the strap is tensioned using either a power-based friction weld or via buckles and seals with hand tools. The different strapping materials come in many widths, lengths and breaking strains. Some come on either cardb

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  • Stretch Wrap
    Stretch Wrap

    Pallet Wrap or stretch film adheres to itself and can be applied by hand, or by machine. We stock both blown and cast in hand wraps and cast in machine rolls.Cast or Blown?Blown stretch wrap, is created by blowing heated resin out vertically into a bubble. The bubble is then transformed into rolls when it has cooled by the surrounding air.Cast stretch wrap is created by feeding a sheet of heated resin along a series of rollers, continually squeezing the film into wide rolls (same principle as ro

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  • Plastic Bags
    Plastic Bags

    CLEAR BAGSWe offer a variety of high quality, great value clear polythene bags that are suitable for a wide range of applications. All our clear bags are food safe and fully recyclable.LIGHT, MEDIUM AND HEAVY-DUTY POLYTHENE BAGS (POLYBAGS)Our high-quality clear polybags are available in a wide range of sizes, from large, clear polythene bags to smaller sizes and are in three strengths from light to heavy.LIGHT DUTY CLEAR POLYTHENE BAGSThe light duty clear polythene bags are designed to protect c

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