We supply all types of labels; plain and printed on rolls and A4/A5 sheets of laser labels. Also, Tag Labels on rolls with perforations. Our printing capacity is up to six colours, using water-based ink and is available in up to nine colour with U.V. inks. - paper and synthetic films are both available. Roll label cores are from 19mm to 76mm at industry standard sizes.

We can supply vinyl labels and decals from our ‘ROLAND’ and bureau printing via thermal transfer label printing of bar codes, price labels etc.  

Additionally, ATLAS is a distributor for a specialist low volume label manufacturer involved in asset labels: Mark & Seal Labels, sequentially numbered bar code racking labels, laminated or unlaminated.

  • Printed Labels
    Printed Labels

    ATLAS for Industry print reel to reel via flexo printing process on paper or synthetics. The process uses printing plates and is the most common method of printing. We can print up to 9 colours or 8 colours plus a varnish; we also have the option to add lamination and foil.

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  • Coloured Labels
    Coloured Labels

    Regardless of the material you are using, labels can be floodcoated / stained to transform them into colourful, easily recognised markers. These coloured labels are commonly used in warehousing, distribution and manufacturing.For example, it would be easy to identify a product manufactured on a Monday because it has had blue label applied to it, whilst Tuesday has a green label.Our library of colours are never ending - we can match to any swatch sample or you can simply pick from a large range o

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  • Laser Labels
    Laser Labels

    Laser labels are primarily used in laser printers but can be used in ink-jet printers and photocopiers. If you are hoping to print your labels yourself this range is perfect for you. These can be supplied to you in plain white, coloured or we can print them for you.They are also available in either permanent or removable adhesives.Where large numbers of sheets are involved, its cheaper for ATLAS to do the printing on the industrial Xerox.We have approximately 40 formats available.

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  • Plain Labels
    Plain Labels

    We produce premium quality plain labels for a wide variety of applications in countless industries. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of plain labels and stickers ATLAS has an extensive knowledge of a huge range of labelling solutions, in particular their compatibility with thermal transfer printers.With a library of over 2,000 different cutter shapes and sizes, we can create labels with the appropriate shape, size, material and adhesive for your plain label application. We endeavour to sup

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  • Tags

    We supply and produce tags to suit your requirements, so whatever the size and specification, talk to ATLAS.Materials offered are Tyvek, paper board, PE tough tag, metal detectable and Polyart so perfect for either putting through printers or using marker pens.We will work with you to ensure all tags work in conjunction with your existing printing systems.Metal Detectable tagsWidely used in the food industry, we make tags in a metal detectable material as used by bakeries and meat processors, th

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  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons
    Thermal Transfer Ribbons

    Thermal Transfer RibbonsThermal-transfer printing uses ribbon to transfer the printed image to the label media.ATLAS offers a comprehensive range of high-performance Thermal Transfer Ribbon (TTR) grades sourced from the worlds leading TTR manufacturers. We offer a variety of lengths and widths to suit your printer and you can choose from wax, wax / resin and resin formulations to meet specific demands.We supply ribbons to suit all major brands of barcode printers. Zebra / Godex / Citizen / sato

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